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About Our Business

From the outset, in September 2018, Alive Design has been dedicated to curating spaces where life unfolds, be it in transforming offices or homes. Our dynamic and talented multidisciplinary team, with a founding ethos rooted in the joy of the creative process, approaches each project with enthusiasm and expertise.

With a strong foundation in architecture, we seamlessly integrate design intent from exterior aesthetics to the minutest interior details, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive result. Join us on this transformative journey where passion meets purpose, and design becomes a source of inspiration and well-being.

The process of crafting spaces is not just a profession for us; it's a passion that fuels our enthusiasm and dedication. We approach each project with a sense of joy and playfulness, infusing creativity into every stage of the design journey. And in this journey, we find fulfilment in connecting with like-minded individuals who share our appreciation for thoughtful design and the transformative power of a well-curated space.


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